Copywriter + Content Manager



The jobby stuff

First, what you (probably) came here for. 

I'm a mid-level, t-shaped marketer specializing in content, copy, and digital marketing. (Find me on LinkedIn here.)

  •  Background: Over 10 years of professional experience across tech companies (Blackbaud,, gaming companies (NCsoft, Zynga), and healthcare (Luminex).
  • What I've done:
    • Copywriting and sales enablement: From UX copy to white papers to sell sheets, I've worked cross-functionally to develop copy that's effective and resonates with the right audience.
    • Technical writing: I started my career here, and it's the foundation I built my writing career on. From teaching networking to call centers to writing knowledge base guides for video games, I'm experienced in breaking complicated concepts down to easily understood content.
    • Blog writing: I've written dozens of blogs, and in one role, increased blog traffic 130% year over year by creating effective content, promoting across social media, and optimizing for SEO.
    • Social media and community management: I've built, implemented, and maintained social media programs and community initiatives for two companies. In one role, I increased followers an average of 40%, clicks to website 25%, and conversions 65% year over year.
    • Analytics: Part of my role in an organization is making sure we're getting the highest amount of return (traffic and conversion) for the lowest amount of money spent, and I'm always analyzing and finding ways to improve those numbers.
    • Brand messaging and persona development: Good messaging and a solid story is essential to any campaign, no matter how big or small. I've developed product personas, built brand stories and messaging pillars, and implemented brand style guides.
    • Ad management and optimization: Partnering with demand marketers and product managers, I've managed up to $1M marketing spend to drive calls to action through PPC (Adwords), retargeting, and native display ads. Additionally, I rebuilt existing long term campaigns, reducing unnecessary ad spend and increasing conversions per dollar by 25%.
  • Degree and certifications: University of Texas at Austin, BA English (2007); HubSpot Inbound Certified


About cassie

I'm one of those people who came to Austin to attend UT and never left. Aside from a brief year in LA, I've been here 18 years now, so I feel like I can officially consider myself a local.

When I was a freshman at UT, I had no idea what to do with my life. I knew I wanted to write, but I wasn't into writing books (which is all I thought you could do with creative writing). I studied under a literature professor who said she was a technical writer in a past life—and that lit a spark in me. I was never really a fiction writer, but breaking down and explaining technical concepts was something I knew I'd be good at. 

Since graduating, I've worked as a writer and marketing manager in biotech, gaming, software, and for a few rad startups. I started as the Managing Editor of a peer-reviewed science journal, moving into tech writing, and ending up in copywriting and marketing. 

I live in the Westlake area of Austin with my husband and three kids, and we have the best life. Aside from freelance writing, I've been an Austin wedding and portrait photographer for ten years. I also make quilts, knit, run half marathons, play a lot of board games, and recently started diving into creating environment art. Most importantly—I'm forever attached to the Oxford comma.