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I have a wide range of writing and content strategy experience across several industries, from biotech to gaming to startups. Content is where my heart is—I'm a t-shaped marketer, with most of my experience in developing, writing, and analyzing content. 

My natural writing style is conversational in tone, although I adapt easily to the audience I'm writing for. My strengths are in breaking down complicated concepts into relatable content, and I work well aligning with existing style guides. (Don't have one? I've developed messaging and style guides for several organizations.) 

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I've written for a wide range of audiences across different industries. I'm a content generalist, although I've primarily focused on biotech, and tech news in the past, with a few bylines in parenting, weddings, and photography. 



After managing and growing several brand social media channels, I've learned a lot about what messages resonate with social communities. I've written hundreds of social media posts, from awareness to lead generation campaigns.


Writing Samples: Other

Aside from blogs and social media, I have a lot of experience in writing landing pages, emails and nurture campaigns, newsletters, go-to-market and launch playbooks, style guides, FAQs and knowledge base articles, press releases and interviews, sell sheets, info sheets, ebooks, white papers.